Release date: 5.06.2012


Ideology of Sound

Jomas Iela

Released 17.04.2015 Catalog 10089982



Released 08.04.2015 Catalog 10088960



Released 20.03.2015 Catalog 10088580

Ideology of Sound

Jomas Iela

ReleasedĀ 26.02.2015 CatalogĀ 10087665

Aleksandar Grum

Born 1986,at the disco environment, found himself in producing and playing in almost all genres and subgenres of music and sound. Aleksandar Grum is a DJ and producer from Podgorica, Montenegro. First steps in creation of music, he begins with …

Matthew Redden

November rain.. The Day when Matteo Salvadorini aka Matthew Redden was born. Passionate in music since his birth he had his real first approach when he was just 13 years old. After he achieved different course of afro-tribal music, he …


Finding meaning and purpose from roads less travelled, growing up in New Jersey, United States, Overshift naturally identified and connected with a deeper side of music; a side which penetrates the surface. Years of experience as both DJ and Producer, …