Release date: 5.06.2012


Craig Marten


Release date 13.04.2015  

Ideology of Sound

Jomas Iela

Released 17.04.2015 Catalog 10089982



Released 08.04.2015 Catalog 10088960



Released 20.03.2015 Catalog 10088580


Guillermo Marraco was born in Madrid in 1989. The ‘record thing’ comes from his family, as his house is full of records from his parents’ disk jockey days, back in the 80’s. At the age of 13 he starts studying …

Ideology Of Sound

Dj trio unites Mike Discoid, Hugo EL and Dmitry Dubrow. Music has always been part of their lives. Their paths crossed over 5 years ago creating Ideology of Sound. Their musical interests cover electronic music from the whole world with …

New Folder

Latvian electronic music producer known as – New Folder. Since 2010 he’s been travelling through dimensions of drum’n’bass and microfunk inspired by astrophysics and the majestic structures of the universe. His original compositions speak the best of minimalism and atmospheric …