Release date: 5.06.2012



Gray Undertones

Released: 22.09.2015

Nikola Negorod


Released: 17.09.2015

Mentality – H

Shift Away

Released: 21.08.2015



Released: 17.08.2015


The love for electronic music came to him in 1998 when he heard acid techno & acid trance tracks for the first time. Since 2000 he performed as a DJ playing on vinyl only. He has got an impressive collection …

Eugene Dolz

Evgeniy was Born in Svetly town in the Kaliningrad Russia Region in 1988. Passion for music has began in when he was 14 years old. His Father in youth was playing on a guitar in an unknown rock band and …

Leo Chonkan

Leo is a Costa Rican based music enthusiast and beat maker. He’s always had a passion for music, math and all things beautiful in that way. While studying abroad in 2008 he became acquainted with the sounds of Hip Hop …